Bluespy Studio was founded in 2021 by two close game developers. In this process, many different games and projects were developed by participating in various game jams and events. With the support of Digi Game, their studio is planning to synthesize fun and different genres and offer original games creatively.

  • Ömer Fırat / Co-Founder – Game Developer
  • İbrahim Durmuş / Co-Founder – Game Artist

V Lights

Unable to escape from the house because of his curse, the ghost hunts the unlucky people who fell here… You must find the items in the house and escape if you want to survive. Remember, the ghost has a curse: Light! Use your flashlight well and avoid it. V Lights is a 2D multiplayer horror game with eye-catching graphics. Bluespy Studio offers unique gameplay by synthesizing the most entertaining genres in an original way. If you become a Lighter, team up with your friends and escape from this dark haunted house quickly. Or become a ghost and hunt down the lights by sneaking, hiding in the stuff. Set strategic traps on your opponent with items, light controls, and dash time.


Forge Games was founded by 4 long-time friends who have been developing games since 2017 As Forge Games, which received seed-investment from WePlay Ventures with a valuation of 2.6 Million TL in early 2021, they plan to launch entertaining and connective games, expand their studio and content type in the near future.

  • Canahmet Yılmaz / Co-Founder – Game Artist
  • Mehmet Murat Yılmaz / Co-Founder – 3D Artist
  • Melih Tunç / Co-Founder – Game Developer
  • Şamil Özçelik / Co-Founder – Game Developer

Idle Laundry

Ready to be rich? Become a laundry company manager and build an empire. You start with a washing room then build dry room, ironing room, dry-cleaning room etc. Buy new machines and improve them, you can also decorate the room by buying furniture and goods. To grow your company and to become the richest, you should develop a marketing strategy. This will attract more people to your laundry company.

Animal Idle

In exchange for hearts, adopt animals, increase the number of animals you have and heart production. Have a variety of animals by opening different environments. Our first game in the form of Idle Clicker, which we developed to convey the awareness of animal loving and responsibility to the target audience.

Follow The Numbers

Follow The Numbers, our first puzzle-type game that we have released to the mobile platform, is a game that aims to strengthen visual memory and short-term memory.


Gorilla Softworks received a seed investment from WePlay Ventures with a valuation of 2.5 Million TL. The game studio, founded by 2 experienced entrepreneurs, Deniz Şakar and Efe Vural, is preparing to launch The Ancients.

  • Efe Vural / Co-Founder – Game Developer
  • Deniz Şakar / Co-Founder – Game Artist

The Ancients

The Ancients is a turn based survival/strategy game which addressing dark ages of humanity. Starting ~100.000 B.C. a hunter gatherer tribe which tries to survive just like others; it is literally the darkest point of humanity because no light to use. Starting to learn how to start and control fire,discover first words, manage resources, handle the whole tribe by creating cultural elements and create your own gods! Emerge your own civilization by every meaning.

Gyroscoping games was founded in early 2021 under Anka Game Studios by a team that believes games are an opportunity to experience real-world issues. With wonderful partners who also believe in this vision, gyroscoping games received seed investment from WePlay Ventures with a valuation of 2.2m TL.

  • Eray Ağaçdoğrayan / Founder – Project Manager
  • Muhammed İkbal Sağırlı / Game Developer
  • Erkan Kemal / Level Designer

Building Hope

Building Hope is a refugee camp simulation. Create a safe haven for refugees fleeing humanitarian crises such as war, famine and violence, provide for their needs, and set up a hassle-free camp. You can use many methods to solve the problems you come across, use your creativity!

Hoody Studios is a mobile game developer studio established in Istanbul at the end of 2020. Our goal; We want to deliver the games we have developed using our experience and knowledge in the field of hyper-casual to the players all over the world and to share the fun with game lovers. In this journey they started out as three close friends; they are a young and fun-loving team with game developer experience. With the investment we received from WePlay Ventures, one of the leading companies in the gaming industry, they are working to expand their team and reach their goals.

  • Mete Berk Kumaş / Co-Founder – Game Developer
  • Batuhan Hesapdar / Co-Founder – Game Developer
  • Ahmet Batuhan Bilgin / Co-Founder – Game Developer
  • Emir Tonyalı / Game Developer
  • Hasim Berke Özden / Game Developer
  • Batuhan Çulhaoğlu / 3D Artist
  • Eren Karataş / Intern
  • Dilara Akpınar / Intern

Ragdoll Keeper

Can You Save the Ball?
Swipe your finger to move goalkeeper!
Save the goals!

Bomb Dodger!

Dodge bombs and defend soldiers!
Swipe to doge bombs!
Choose your army design!
Try to defend your soldiers!
Fun gameplay!
New cannons new grenades!
Improve your Army!

Team Machiavelli, which has been developing computer-based games since 2018, has achieved remarkable success with educational computer games in its first two years. Afterwards, the 2-person team that has been developing the Castle Of Alchemists –TD, Pixel Art, Top-Down, Action, Tower Defense type computer game for nearly a year, with the support they provided in terms of strategic and financial aspects, with Digi Game Startup Studio, on the way they progressed, in the development process, It aims to develop their team experience and become one of the successful studios that will make an impact in the world in computer games of their own genre.

  • Halil Onur Yazıcıoğlu / Co-Founder – Game Developer
  • Mehmet Can Güler / Co-Founder – Game Developer

Castle of Alchemist

Creatures pouring out from the portals to elemental planes have invaded the Castle of Alchemists from inside, due to a failed experiment for finding the Philosopher’s Stone. Castle’s defense systems trapped both creatures and the residence of the Castle inside, masters and apprentices, dead or alive. It is now up to only a handful of apprentice, and the alchemically enhanced defender of the order, Bellator, to save the castle from the other-realmly invaders. Delve into the castle, reclaim it piece by piece, unlocking new powers, traps, and weapons as you save the survivors and gather the lost knowledge in this action-packed Top Down Shooter/Tower Defense hybrid with amazing Pixel Art graphics.

Team Untested was founded by two friends sharing a long history and affection towards puzzle and action-adventure games which led them to create their own projects eventually. After achieving success in 2020’s Next Game Startup with their first project ChamberBound, they plan to further expand their studio and aim to enrich the world of puzzle-platform with fresh visions.

  • Barış Tekin / Game Designer – Developer
  • Mert Can Akça / Game Artist
  • Utkan Aslan / Level Designer

Chamber Bound

An inventor accidentally traps herself in a machine-like dimension where she is accompanied by a brilliantly engineered sphere. In the depths of chambers altered by gigantic mechanisms with heart-stopping audio experience, it is in your hands to unearth what mysteries lie ahead… Take the control of Sphere and Inventor. Experience a new way of cooperative puzzle solving. Discover secrets as you develop new abilities and get more complex! Chamberbound is an atmospheric puzzle-platform game featuring a hybrid gameplay style that takes ball-rolling and third-person to a different level.

The Pack Studios is an indie game development studio which is developing indie and AA quality games for PC and consoles. Their HQ located in İzmir/Turkey. They have a goal to reach about to be one of the top shelf brands in PC and console gaming industry.

  • Cihan Tutum / Co-Founder – Lead Executive
  • Doruk Ayar / Co-Founder – Lead Developer
  • Aykut Erdalı / Lead Level Designer
  • Tarhan Can Özok / Art Director
  • Tibet Yüksel / Level Designer
  • Erman Utku Erciyas / Quest Writer
  • Emir Ulusoy / 3D Artist


Ephesus is an exploration and survival game adorned with a unique story. Write your own destiny through the West Aegean Coast of the glorious Roman Empire. While you’re on the path, don’t forget to stay alive!