Publish the Game Jam

In most game jams, after the event is over, there is no activity related to the developed games and the effort given is wasted. The aim of Publish the Game Jam is to bring those games to a level that can be published on Steam. Thus, in addition to providing the teams with game publishing experience, a small amount of financial income can be provided.
Eight teams consisting of 25 people from different cities of Turkey worked nonstop for 48 hours to develop their games for the Publish the Game Jam event, which was held under the theme of “Freedom” at kuleizmir, a Game Development Center. Teams have included various elements of Izmir into their games, made presentations at the end of the event, and introduced their games to participants. Each participating team was given 1,000 TL participation bonus and asset pack support by Digi Game Startup Studio.


Kalyzmyr is a short game about a legendary warrior, Smyrna, escaping from a dungeon called Kalyzmyr. A simplistic mix of popular gameplay elements like tower defense, dungeon crawler and hack’n slash with lots of button mashing and random generated interactions and loot.

Psychoseel – Games
  • Kalyzmyr



Soulflow is a 2.5D fantasy-detective game offers a unique experience with its graphic style. In this story-based role play game, player is must the information from others during the day and tries to solve the murders in the neighborhood to stay free.

Bluespy Studio – Games
  • Soulflow