Published Games

Planet TD

6 different types of towers! 4 planets with different characteristics! 25 different enemies. Drones, Tanks, Biorobotic enemies and many different ground and air vehicles! Snowy and Glacial maps, Desert and Arid lands! Prepare to defend the solar system against invaders!

MD Games
  • Planet TD

Izmir: An Independence Simulator

3 different enemy classes: Infantry, Armored and Robotic. Beat the toughest levels with the right combinations and bonus damage. Every character in the game thinks differently and your relationship with them changes with every choice you make. Make jokes about them. Spread the gossip

Trainspotting Studio 
  • Izmir: An Independence Simulator


Soulflow is a 2.5D fantasy-detective game offers a unique experience with its graphic style. In this story-based role play game, player is must the information from others during the day and tries to solve the murders in the neighborhood to stay free.

Bluespy Studio


  • Soulflow

Agent in Depth

Agent in Depth is a stylish pixel graphics indie action game featuring fast paced action and instant-death combat. Unfold the truth by running, jumping, and deflecting bullets.

Naturepixel Studios
  • Agent in Depth

Non – Stop Raiders

In this infinite side-scroll runner play as different raiders, run and jump across areas. Pillage gold from either your enemies or chests across your journey to upgradeabilities or unlock new charecters.

  • Non-Stop Raiders