Digi Game Startup Studio Sponsored Mağara Jam 4

What is Mağara Jam? 

Mağara Jam is an event where game developer teams gather and develop a game based on a determined theme within 72 hours. The event takes place both physically and online. With over 10.000 developer participants, Mağara Jam is known as the biggest game development event in Türkiye.

Digi Game Startup Studio Was a Sponsor of Mağara Jam 4

Digi Game Startup Studio aims to solve the problems a start-up game studio might have by offering services in the fields of investor relations, finance, human resources and many more.

Supporting the industry with new ideas and talent is one of the missions of Digi Game Startup Studio. So, Digi Game Startup Studio has sponsored Mağara Jam, which is being held for the 4th time on February 18-21 of 2022 and is one of the best events to support that mission.