DIGI Game Startup Studio and game kickstarter Game Factory announce partnership

Doruk Demirsar and Gökhan Kazar of DIGI Game Startup Studio, taking the helm in digital games publishing, game marketing, esports, content & format production among many more specialties in the games industry aspire to be the biggest step forward in bringing game development studios to the next level with the vast amount of staff and experience within DIGI Game Startup. The most recent of the contributions is the 6.9 million total TL investment opportunity gained for Gorilla Softworks, Forge Games and Hoody Studios.

Game Factory, who are touting themselves as the gateway into the games sector for newcomers into the industry, will bring a lot of power and accessibility for games studios within Turkey, by not only helping experienced developers further their work, but also providing workshops, personal mentorship and development related education free of charge. The initiative, which can be accessed online from every part of Turkey, has supported the incorporation, investment and growth of dozens of participants who met and teamed up within its own organization in just one year. The quickly growing Game Factory, with 1500 members and over 55 teams, plans to continue being the pillar for game development for our country, providing power and growth to studios all over Turkey.


Source: egirişim