Publish the Game Jam

In most game jams, after the event is over, there is no activity related to the developed games and the effort given is wasted. The aim of Publish the Game Jam is to bring those games to a level that can be published on Steam. Thus, in addition to providing the teams with game publishing experience, a small amount of financial income can be provided.
Eight teams consisting of 25 people from different cities of Turkey worked nonstop for 48 hours to develop their games for the Publish the Game Jam event, which was held under the theme of “Freedom” at kuleizmir, a Game Development Center. Teams have included various elements of Izmir into their games, made presentations at the end of the event, and introduced their games to participants. Each participating team was given 1,000 TL participation bonus and asset pack support by Digi Game Startup Studio.

Publish The Game Jam 2

PTGJ 2 took place in Game Entrepreneurship and Software Center and hosted 8 teams consisting of a total of 25 participants from different provinces of Turkey. The teams developed games suitable for the theme within 48 hours. They included symbols and landmarks of Izmir in their games.
While the games developed at Publish the Game Jam received the right to be published on the Steam platform, Digi Game Startup Studio provided a participation premium of 1000 TL and asset pack support to each participating team.

Publish The Game Jam is organized to improve the project completion habits of participants experienced in game development. Participants and investors came together at the end of the event and made presentations about the games they have developed. In this event, where there are no losers, the game developed by each team had a chance to be published in Steam.

Publish The Game Jam 3

Organized by Digi Game Startup Studio, Publish The Game Jam offers young game developers a chance to publish their games on Steam. Publish The Game Jam was held for the third time between October 27th and 30th, 2022.
Although game development events improve the creativity, time managament, material use, and project completion rates of young developers, the games developed in these events are not published and the developers do not earn any money from them. This is why Publish The Game Jam was created.

In this invite-only event, developers are given a theme and are tasked with developing a game in a limited time. Participants who develop their game receive aid in further development and Steam marketing as they get their games ready for publishing on Steam.