Soon to be Turkey’s Icon in the Games Industry, kuleizmir Opens Doors

kuleizmir, built within İzmir’s İZFAŞ convention area, is set to open doors in 26 October 2021.

İzmir has been a “locomotive city” for the games industry within Turkey for the last few years, proven with a great amount of entrepreneurship originating from the city. A new business platform is now set to open, giving the game entrepreneurship ecosystem a whole new platform of ideas.

The opening of Kuleizmir, Game Entrepreneurship and Software Development Center’s opening will be held with İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer and CHP General President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu also attending the opening ceremony. The goal of this new establishment is to further instill the Turkish entrepreneurship spirit into technology in the country.

The Tower

kuleizmir is a 10 floor structure planned and built in cooperation with Digi Game Startup Studio and the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Every floor is fully equipped to support our youth with the technology and information they need to set foot into the digital world, whether it be the games industry or otherwise. With the help of Kuleizmir, our youth will be able to further access everything they need in cooperation with leading businesses, corporations and universities in the industry.

Kuleizmir will provide not only connections for people getting their foot wet in the games industry, but also a chance to use offices, access mentorship and receive funding from potential entrepreneurs. Depending on the scope of operations or funding received, kuleizmir provides entire floors, dedicated offices or tables in the public area. Not only that, but with the help of OYGEM, there will be hackathons, game jam events, summits, educative seminars and a lot more.

And for people willing to take advantage of these opportunities but without a clue where to even begin, OYGEM Academy has begun their project to help create movement in the industry. Hundreds of participants receive education about game programming, design and game music production in these classes. OYGEM also will continue to provide ways for entrepreneurs to create business models, achieve incorporation, receive support from grant programs, and way more to come as time goes on.

Source: webtekno