Digi Gaming Fest, which was held at the Izmir International Fair between September 7th and 11th 2022, featured Intel Vatan Computer Game Jam and Next Game Startup competition. The fest has attracted great attention from indie game developers and gamers.

Digi Gaming Fest started with Intel Vatan Computer on September 7th. While developers were working on developing their games in one area, visitors had the chance to discover games from independent studios in the other area. 

On September 9, Intel Vatan Computer Game Jam participants gave presentations of their games to the juries and game enthusiasts under the moderation of Dora Özsoy.

Industry Leaders took Part in Digi Gaming Seminars! 

On September 10th, the leading figures of the gaming industry and the partner game studios of Digi Game Startup Studio took their places on the stage at Digi Gaming Fest, which lasted for a total of five days. The speakers gave information about their fields to enthusiasts and participants.

From investment advice in the gaming sector to Steam Marketing; from a day of independent game developers to the development of VR games, many topics related to the gaming world were touched upon. TurkMMO and Blay Games were among the guests while Serdar Baran Ateş gave a presentation about Steam Marketing. Digi Game Startup Studio’s partner studios The Pack Studios, Forge Game Studio, Gyroscoping Games, Team Untested and Team Machiavelli also took part in the Digi Gaming Fest.

Next Game Startup Game Entrepreneurship Competition 2022 Grand Final

The Next Game Startup Game Entrepreneurship Competition is a long-term competition that aims to mobilize the game industry by supporting game developers’ entrepreneurship along with their game ideas. The Next Game Startup Game Entrepreneurship competition, which was held with the contributions of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, brought together many gaming enthusiasts and game developers this year.

The previous participants of the competition have begun to expand their teams by receiving investments worth 1.2 Million TL. The new participants, who we have high hopes of achieving similar success, gave presentations about their games and entrepreneurship ideas on the stage.

Participants who have made their pre-registrations in February this year have received seminars and mentoring from expert developers on May and June 2022. The teams that passed the semi-final on July received the chance to present their game projects on stage to juries and game enthusiasts on September 11th, 2022.

After the presentations, with the decision of the juries, Cressus Games took first place while Sky Games came second and Qubitrate studio came third. The team that won the University Gaming Communities Special Award was Team Pay Attention.

Mustafa Özuslu, one of the vice presidents of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has made a speech that attracted great attention about encouraging young people in software and coding before presenting the prize.